Xyrrath Brineyblood

Quick and nimble with a razor sharp cutlass, Captian Xyrrath Brineyblood is one woman you don't want to cross.


Character Name: Xyrrath Brineyblood
Race: Half-elf
Gender: Female
Age: 427
Class: Swashbuckler
• Alektorophobia – Fear of chickens.
• Gerascophobia- Fear of growing old.
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual


Born at sea to a human sailor and his elven wife, Xyrrath Brineyblood was named after the ship she was born on; Xyrrath’s Radiance, the finest cargo ship to sail the seas. She spent many days with her father on his voyages to distant lands to trade goods, finding fun and adventure throughout the world. One adventure, in fact, ended up with her learning how to swim before she could even walk! A scary experience for her father that was; dad jumped overboard to save her, but she was paddling her way back to the boat before he even left the timber. She learned many things on those voyages, how to cook, sew, keep a ship in running order, and when she could, swordplay. Of course, living with a bunch of merchants had its perks; she became quite skilled in social interactions. Gained a bit of a silver tongue, if you will. She had to use those sword skills a few times. Pirate raids, looking for loot they were. She was a feisty fighter from the start. Cut a man’s ear off she did. After a fair bit of cussing the buccaneer went after her. Her father luckily stepped in and kicked him overboard. She decided after that that she’d be the one doing the kicking next time.

Her time on land had its ups and downs. It was filled with new experiences in faraway lands, time with family, and… ahem a few incidences. While visitin’ her extended family, far from ocean waters, on a mainland farm, she decided to practice some swordplay; a pastime that her female cousins found… distasteful. Anyhoo, one wrong swing of a stick later, and she sent a rooster flying. And boy was that rooster mad! The thing raised its head and let out a crow, calling a swarm of roosters and chickens out of nowhere! Poor Xyrrath was covered with marks from their pecking and scratching, and was pulling feathers from her hair and clothes for days. Now she can’t help but cringe at the sight of one of those “demon birds”; she can’t even eat them.
As soon as her father started to age to the point where it was hard for him to continue a sailor’s life, voyages together became less frequent. Xyrrath was aged well enough to go on voyages on her own, but it just didn’t feel right leaving her father behind. Seeing her father in this state pained her greatly. He was beginning to wrinkle, his hair was starting to grey, and his body became so frail. Xyrrath knew that her half-elf blood would give her a much larger time gap between youth and old age, but not nearly as much as her elven mother and that concerned her.

Her father plead with her that she should not forget her love of the sea. He said that though he may pass from the earth, the sea will always be there, and so would the memories of their time together on the waves. Years passed, and so did her father. She wanted to make her father proud of her, so she devoted her life to the seas, got a ship of her own, a carefully selected crew, and set off for adventure!

Xyrrath Brineyblood

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