• Agrol Trayson

    Agrol Trayson

    A Half-Orc Druid searching for his father. He hates stereotypes, open spaces, and ethereal undead. He has a Husky-type dog for an animal companion.
  • Canan Zirul

    Canan Zirul

    Canan is a Half-Orc Bouncer who hires himself out as a bodyguard on weekends.
  • Maeris Silentall

    Maeris Silentall

    Maeris is a short Halfling with fire red hair and a temper to go with it. Her eyes are greener than any forest you've ever seen and Gods help you if they give you an angry look. She has a birthmark making it look like half of her body is on fire.
  • Xyrrath Brineyblood

    Xyrrath Brineyblood

    Quick and nimble with a razor sharp cutlass, Captian Xyrrath Brineyblood is one woman you don't want to cross.
  • Aerin Badtooth

    Aerin Badtooth

    A female Orc Spirit Shaman who is terrified of the Spirits that grant her power. She has one underdeveloped canine and is very touchy about it.