The Dark Desent



Log #1
The Carnival was just the beginning . . . literally just the beginning. in the start our 5 “heroes”(one could not make it so will be introduced later) entered the carnival and want their own ways. the first, Canan Zirul, and his cohort entered a fight with 2 Heavily (not) armed skeletons and won then wondered of to the hall of mirrors where he met Two and three. Two (who i don’t know the name of any more) head strait for the hall of mirrors and has been waiting in line listening to the screams of those who enter before hand. Three ,Maeris Silentall, went to a crazy lady and had some wired prophecy translated but found that part of it was missing. then headed to the hall of mirrors. Four, Xyrrath Brineyblood, ran into Canan Zirul, One, and asked for directions to the collusion but they were both lost and ended up at the hall of mirrors. Maeris entered the hall first and in side she found a sign that says “enter a mirror for they are doors, to get out you must beat the challenge inside or be killed. have a nice day now.” (even though it is night). she enters on of the mirrors and BOOM gravity changed and she landed on the ceiling oh and she also killed a devourer up there. next Two and Xyrrath enter as a partnership and go in to another mirror in side they found another mirror across a 400 foot long pit. think with portal logic they got across and found the mirror had split personality disorder and that the personalities were mirror opposites. by walking through both sides of the double sided mirror they got out.

one of the players of I will do the rest later but i have to go to bed now because i am about to sleep on my keyboard and that would ruin it.


Lord_Eldren Lord_Eldren

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